Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Itos Hire New Spokesman

As part of Los Strawberito's community service of hiring troubled community members facing unemployment, the team has hired a new spokesman: Willard Mitt Romney. Here is his first interview on behalf of the team:
Q: How did the SF Itos game go last night?
WMR: Golly,we put up 100 points and won by 245.
Q: How is it possible that you won by more points than you scored?
WMR: By closing loopholes.
Q: Such as....
WMR: (pause) The Itos love freedom, if you will.
Q: What were the keys to the win?
WMR: I credit myself and my binder full of Itos. Curley never got completely shoved around and dominated by a large dufous. Adam smoked no layups.
Q: But if you look at the transcript of the ga-
WMR: (interupts) Golly, I er... gee wilikers.
Q: Is it true that you have plans to move the Itos to China where player salaries are lower, and rename them the Kunming Fruity Fruits of Auspiciousness? 
WMR: No. (pause) Yes. (pause) No. (pause) Of course. (pause) What was the question?