Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Rogue Strawberitos destroy souls at University Open Gym"

The RSF Open Gym at the UC Berkeley Campus was host to a series of horrid atrocities early Monday afternoon. Witnesses confirmed Tom Smith, Bob Faris, and Johnnybones at the scene, drinking blood and eating the intestines of student athletes who thought they were in for a session of simple pick up basketball, which many students on campus turn to for cardiovascular exercise and character building. Instead, said students were subjected to 3 hours of torture, cannibalism, and of course, the Strawberito legend of "soul sucking" in which one human being literally sucks the soul through the knee caps of another human being.

"The big one," a survivor said, "they called him Bob...there was just...blood...everywhere."

Other witnesses identified future Strawberito Tom Smith. "It was his dirty white tee shirt," an onlooker said. "Unmistakable. When you see the soiled white cotton, you rarely live to tell about it. I guess I just got lucky." This eye witness who chose to remain unnamed, "One minute he's calling out 'free throw' in an effort to designate his place on the court, the next minute, he's eating testicles."

It seems the game had started out as any regular game of pick up basketball would. Witnesses testify that one of the victims who (surprisingly) was actually on the same team of the Strawberitos made a mistake which cost him his life. Johnnnybones acknowledged his hard work gathering a rebound and said "Take it to the hoop, shoot it, shoot it, you deserve it paison!" The blond headed, barely post pubescent victim grew angry, retorting with, "No! That's not how this game is run!" Johhnybones was simply encouraging him in an effort to bolster his confidence. It was at this point that the Strawberito rage spurred the carnage.

Following this catalyst, the 3 Strawberitos took on the remaining 7 players. It started out with free throw range jump shots, beast moves to the hoop, and no look passes. It ended with testicle munching, spine smashing, and of course, crotchular moisture bombs from the adoring female on lookers.

No Strawberitos could be caught for questioning by the press, however one bystander reported that after the atrocities were over, after all the carnage and sexual arousal, Tom Smith's only words were, "I could go for a McDonald's Sunday."

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Strawberitos Win Game, Lose Money

The Office of the Commissioner has announced that Strawberitos Pete "Pistolerito" Frankletronics and Pedrazo "Tritipito" Pistolson have each been fined $10,000 for their conduct in Los Strawberitos 57-56 win over MOD/16/GLUP/17-B last Thursday.
In a brief interview, the Comish stated, "Mr. Franklemaster's vicious clothesline kung-fu throat punch intentional foul was just unnacceptable. I know that the competition gets fierce, but Franklefest is a role model for thousands of kids out there."
During the play in question, Pistolerito chased down Elbert McGangly of MOD-14/POO and thrust his fist through McGangly's throat. Blood poured forth in a fountain that soaked members of the crowd and press in the front rows. McGangly was taken to a hospital where he continues in stable but serious condition. Pistols was hit with a technical foul but was not ejected.
Through his agent, Frankleweb said in response to the fine, "I was just trying to hold McGangly up so he wouldn't fall. By the throat. With my fist."
Tritipito's fine was issued for arguing with the referee of the game, Chubbly FitzCataracts. Disagreeing with a no-call on what appeared to be a clear foul, Pedrazo yelled to FitzCataracts, "You [expletive] [expletive] fuckface. That was an [expletive] foul." When FitzCataracts did not respond, the enraged Strawberito rammed a finger of each hand into each of the ref's nostrils and pulled him close. "You [expletive] [expletive]! I'll [expletive] your [expletive] with a [expletive] goatfucking [expletive] waxing services mutherfucker!" The Comish stated, "Mr. Pedroson (sic) must learn to express his opinions in an appropriate manner."
Pedro told this reporter, "That's bullshit. I was totally calm. I think I said 'please' six times."
Both players claimed that the $10,000 fines would not be much of a hardship. Franklefeast said, "Guess I'll just have them hold the diamond dust in the cocain for a night."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nice uni's!

We all know Strawberry Creek can be a rough place, but this may be taking it too far. These hoodlums need to be dealt with.

Watch this video--it includes a wild twist ending.

Go 'Itos.