Thursday, October 30, 2008

Strawberitos Win Again!

Los Strawberitos went up by as many as eleven on strong shooting from Tri-Tip and Frankeltron and a dominant performance by Chest King but T-Rex pulled within 2 in the closing minutes. Curley sealed the victory at the line, 54-50. Original Ben and Kool-Aid racked up major fantasy points.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Strawberitos win by 45!

4-0 Baby! Playoffs Here We Come!


Oct 1: The Funkafiers forgot the funk, and fell into our fire.
Oct 8: We totally crush the self-styled Regulators.
Oct 15: Daniel's Team
Oct 22: 9pm: the Redeem Team
Oct 29: 8pm: T-Rex [has been extinct for almost 5,000 years].
Nov. 5: 9pm: Ringling Bros.
Nov 12: 9pm: The Hairy Technicals.
Nov 19: Playoffs

Fantasy League

balls off head- 4 pts
technical foul- 10 pts
goading other team into technical foul- 12 pts
white-nate-style running 3: negative 5 pts
but if it goes in: 15 pts
game winning shot: 20 pts
diving onto floor (in game or bar): 5 pts
extraordinary uniform innovation: 1-3 pts
making BOTH freethrows: 2 pts
blocked shot: 3 pts
Into stands: 13 points
blood: 6pts
Ball off head during warm-ups: 700 billion points
And 1: 10 points
hit the free throw: 20 points
Bank shot: 5 points
Botched layup: negative 5 points
Self-takedown: 10 points
Sky hook: 10 points
Sky hook from half court: 20 points
Attempting an alley-oop at any time: 10 points
Completing an alley-oop (yes, layups clearly count): 20 points
Encouraging butt patt: 1 point (as long as you don't squeeze...yes, I'm looking at you, Riccobono)
Call Mom a whore: 10 points
Kick ball to next court: 10 points
Trophy theft: 100 points
Write song: 50 points
Black Nate Snort: 10 points
Say "Nay": 2 points
Network diagram: 12.5 points
Reply all: 1 point

Draft picks
John-Original Ben
Original Ben-Pete


Frequently takes balls off the forehead

Half-mann, Half-Amazing

You called my mother a whore?

Better looking than Brad Pitt, really


Nobody fucks with the Frankeltron

Bleeds Carolina blue and Strawberry red, which makes purple

Try the Brazilian tri-tip, it's delicious

Jeff )
The one, the only: "Happy Ending"

First Game

Despite a near collapse, Los Strawberitos won their first game by the score of 35-32. Johnnybones led the team with several points, several rebounds and multiple encouraging butt pats. Curley contributed a game-high two self-takedowns and a charge. Frankeltron iced the game by nailing a free throw in the closing seconds.

Los Strawberitos are dominating the league in the all-important category of "Pabst Consumed per 48 minutes".

Statistically Improbabalitos

Read 'em and weep muthafuckas! That means you Chest King! Dark words are less often used in Standard English. Big words occur more often in Stawberitoland.


Do you enjoy Pabst Blue Ribbon?

Have you ever had your basketball kicked over the fence by Angel?

Are you aware that the location of the post-game press conference is "Sadie's" and not "Kitty's"?

Do you appreciate the subtle humor of "Bonar" Street?

Has one of your siblings ever starred on "Saturday Night Live"?

Do you agree that Sarah Palin is a big dum-dum?

Have you ever played full court basketball in dress slacks?

Are you a landscape architect?

Nay, are you a professor or teacher?

Well friends, do we have the group for you! Feel free to use this forum to pay respect to the juggernaut of the UCSF Recreational Sports fall 2008

Intermediate/Advanced A men's basketball league: Los Strawberitos.

Bow down.

Strawberry Creek Courts

Allston and Bonar (not Boner)
Berkeley, CA