Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Stat Policy Stirs Trouble

Yes, Los Strawberitos have gone undefeated for four straight seasons. Yes, they have held seven different opponents scoreless, won every game by at least 45 points, and are as SOGgy as they come. But will the new UCSF policy of keeping individual player statistics drive Los Itos to crack apart at the seams?

Beginning with tonight's games, statistics including points scored, field goal percentage, balls off the forehead, winks at gorgeous freckly girls, and butt pats will be officially tallied. Already, it seems, this has caused some infighting amongst the Itos.

One Ito, who asked that his name be withheld, said, "Well, we can just basically assume that Gerardo will never pass the ball again. He's always been a bit of a ball hog, and this will probably push him over the edge. I think I'll only give him the ball as a last resort."

Drew "Halfbeast" "Afternoon Delights" "Steamtrain" "Numbfingers" "Koolaid" Halfman, told this reporter, "If Curlito tries to pull me from the game just to pad his goddamn wink stats, I will fight him. There will be bare-knucklism."

Soon enough it will become clear whether this will be yet another season of Strawberito triumph or whether their empire will crumble into ruins of bickering, uncalled-for butt pats, and bare-knucklism.